How to upload your homepage

Anyone who wants to create his own homepage must upload well prepared documents (the html files) to the public_html directory under his home directory through FTP upload.

You may find the CuteFTP useful (available here)

Please note that your 1st document must be called index.html or index.htm. We recommend the use of html instead of htm for some browsers do not recognise htm as valid html format.

After file transfer session, you may simply open your home page from your browser. For example:

hyt's home page should be

clement's home page should be

feanna's home page should be

For those who do not have any documents uploaded, the server would create a generic page. In other words, you may open your home page whenever you like even it's not prepared.

Please also note that, the total file size of your home page should not exceed 5MB, or else we may charge you additional storage cost.

The system now supports user-based FTP.
Necessary information is listed below:

USER_ID: your logon ID
PASSWORD: your logon password

No anonymous FTP login is allowed.

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